Haberler :

In the scope of “The Environmental Permits and Licenses Regulation” (EPLR), the facilities which have adverse environmental impacts are liable to obtain one certificate issued by Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning (MoEUP) covering all environmental aspects . In the permitting and/or licensing process, a yearlong temporary certificate of activity (GFB) shall be received at first. Later, necessary measurements and analysis shall be completed and submitted to MoEUP within a one year. 

Other information and documents (like construction permits, operation permit, report of capacity e.g.) shall be organized in compliance with Ministry’s applications and regulations as well as measurement and analysis required reports (emission, wastewater discharge, noise e.g.) in permitting and/or licensing process. Our company includes experts experienced in environmental measurement & analysis and is capable of carrying out the evaluation and control of the authorized laboratory’s results as well as organization of all necessary items required for application for permits & licenses. 

Our company’s main field of business is environmental consulting activities. We are one of the first consulting companies certified by MoEUP for permitting and/or licensing consultancy and environmental auditing. 

On the other side, in the scope of EPLR, the listed facilities which have adverse environmental impacts are supposed to hire a certified environmental expert or establish an environmental management department or procure service from certified environmental consulting companies. 

A perfect environmental management concept may be understood as to work in compliance with the hundreds of environmental regulations about wastes, air, water, soil and noise and to submit lots of data periodically to the MoEUP in the scope of environmental regulations. 

On the other hand, sustainable environmental management means not only complying today’s necessities mentioned above, but also foreseeing tomorrow’s requirements and limitations, managing investments according to threats and opportunities, responding social needs and benefiting economically in a fierce competition environment. In such a way that, it’s expected that goods, services and products which have lower adverse environmental impacts during their life cycle, will gain an advantage in global or regional markets like EU, or in locally public and private sector markets as well. 

Our company carries on consulting services about sustainable environmental management, and our long-termed and prestigious references are proof of this understanding.