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Carbon management is a particular concern to energy intensive sectors and renewable energy sectors not only from the point of environmental impacts, but also from the point of economical and social impacts. The subject of Energy Efficiency which is discussed under the title of Carbon Management is a strategic subject thatTurkeysets serious goals in the 10 years ahead. 

As it’s already known, EU is planning to play an active role in carbon markets in post-Kyoto period, therefore setting a series of precautions including serious commitments to fight with climate change. Nowadays quite a few analysts are foreseeing that the 21st century is going to be “low carbon industrial revolution” century. 

When considered legislative preparations and action plans inTurkey, it is seen that there are great numbers of regulations which will enter into force in a short-medium term and respective regulations will affect carbon emissions of industries considerably. 

Our company provides consulting services for developing voluntary emission reduction (VER) projects, and calculating carbon foot prints according to international standards and methods or setting up carbon management systems.

Carbon Management

The graphic above shows EU’s transition plan to the lower carbon marketing which projects 80% decrease in emissions between 1990-2050 (source: A Roadmap for moving to a competitive low carbon economy in 2050).