Haberler :

Our company provides consulting services in the scope of “Continuous Emission Measurement Systems (CEMs) Regulation” for setting up and operating of CEMs and establishing quality assurance levels (QALs). Furthermore, our service includes organization of calibration services for QAL2 and Annual Surveillance Tests (AST) according to CEMs Regulation and respective standards. 

Our company provides emission, air quality, soil, waste, e.g. measurements and analysis services as well as provides occupational health and safety measurements through contracted authorized laboratories. In this context, the below services are given; 

-        Controlling information and procuring necessary documents related to the measurement and analysis,

-        Organizing necessary steps before the measurement campaign in the facility,

-        Planning precautions and necessary investments in accordance with the Ministry’s implementations and measurement results,

-        Controlling all the modelling, measurement and sampling calculations and their compliance with the methods in order to ensure their conformity with the rules and applications of MoEUP.