Haberler :

ENOFIS is founded in 2004 in order to give consultancy services to mainly cement and energy sector for the areas such as environment, energy, occupational health and safety. The services cover permitting procedures of industry and energy sector, guiding for environmental investments, constituting opinions on environmental bylaws, analysis of environmental, energy and occupational health and safety applications, guiding for waste operation licenses and co-incineration practices.        

Our staff are one of the leading experienced teams especially in emission, air quality, noise and industrial hygiene measurements and analysis who are also leading in studies implemented nationwide thereof.  

Our company full and part time staff have deep knowledge on conducting measurement and analysis campaigns complying relevant standards and bylaws, preparation of reports according to format accepted by relevant public bodies, guiding industrial plants for operations before and after permitting issues. Our company has an outstanding reference covering the companies which have adopted “sustainable development” principle and determined future targets beyond today.